Internet of Things is one of the technology that promotes efficient resource utilization, where at the same time it contribute to minimizes human efforts in many aspects of life. Other than that, enabling an IoT technology will reduce the cost of production and maximizing the returns, and helps in make analytics decision can be done faster and accurate. Due to these, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) leads by Dr. Fariza Khalid (Senior Lecturer Centre Department of Innovation in Teaching & Learning), was collaborate with APU IoT Team from Centre for Research and Development of IoT (CREDIT) [Mr. Kamalanathan A/L Shanmugam, Mr. Muhammad Ehsan Rana, Miss. Intan Farahana Kamsin, and Miss Nur Khairunnisha Binti Zainal], for conducting an IoT Awareness workshop programme for Master students from UKM.  The workshop is aim to increase the awareness of IoT technology by introducing industrial 4.0, assembling simple electronics kits, and write basic programming to communicate with the electronic devices. One lecturer and 9 master students from UKM were involved in the workshop which conducted on 12th March 2020 (3.00 pm – 6.00 pm) at Forensic & Cybersecurity Research Room.  


Overall, the workshop received overwhelmed feedback from the participants, and two hours workshop was really beneficial for them. The participants were delighted and regarded the workshop was Fantastic and inspiring with the invaluable experience and knowledge shared by the speaker. Lecturers were enjoyed the session as they expressed positive feedback and satisfaction. Through the session, participants gained insight knowledge and skills of IoT in teaching and learning. Look forward for upcoming IoT comprehensive session!!!


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