IoT is expected to create a drastic impact on the whole world in the near future. Using IoT, every device is able to connect to the internet, creating new ideas and use cases such as smart cities, smart manufacturing, etc. These new use cases are getting a lot of attention due to the maturing technology of LPWAN (low power wide area network). Under LPWAN, Sigfox is one of the notable technology that stands out. Considering its importance, ST Microelectronics arranged an introductory level training session for IoT developers and engineers. The prerequisites of the training comprised experience with embedded IDE (Keil, System Workbench) and familiarity with ST software.

The training included basic coverage of topics including Sigfox technology and network protocol overview, STM32 ecosystem and software installation, ST Sigfox development kit overview, ST Sigfox firmware package overview, board setup (ID, PAC, and Key), device registration, Sigfox sensor hands-on and data visualization.  Overall this training provided a good opportunity to explore this area further.